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Upcoming Wine Tastings & Private Events

June 12: Wine Mixtape: Gary Mills of Jamsheed Wines, 9:30pm. 

#WineMixtape Series: first come, first served! Come join us (no tickets required)!

June 19: BUBBLE TEA: A Champagne & Tea Soirée

7:30pm: Join Sebastian Beckwith of In Pursuit of Tea & Peter Liem of for a focused in-depth tasting & discussion of 3 rare teas and 3 rare Champagnes. Snacks provided. $95/pp -- Tickets will be available soon! (Space extremely limited)

9:30pm: Tea & Champagne Mixtape -- a free-form late night tasting of Teas & Champagnes led by Sebastian Beckwith featuring Champagnes by Transatlantic Bubbles. $45/pp at the door.

Tickets will be released soon!



Unicorn Season is upon us! This is going to be a tasting series where we pop and pour and share some of the rarest of the rare bottles of wine. For $60/guest, all-inclusive, 8 lucky guests will receive 1 glass of our current Champagne by the glass & half glass of the rare bottle. Each bottle will be available on one night only and will be EXTREMELY LIMITED. No tickets required!


Jacques Selosse, La Côte Faron, Champagne, France

Back to good ol' fashion bubbly Champagne. Well sort of. This is ultra rare, tiny production bubbly from the godfather of grower Champagne. This blanc de noirs is one of Selosse's 6 single vineyard wines that became part of his repertoire of Champagnes in 2010. The La Côte Faron (formerly known as Contrast) is made entirely from Grand Cru Pinot Noir from an Aÿ solera.


Casa Ferreirinha, Barca-Velha, Portugal 2008

This is one of those Master Sommelier exam Somm-style theory question wines that everyone has "heard" of, but seemingly no one has ever tasted...until now! This is THE top dry red wine producer in Portugal, hard stop: Casa Ferreirinha's Barca-Velha. It is based on tinta roriz and was first made in 1952. There have been 14 vintages made in total. We are tasting the 2008.

Nicolau de Almeida visited Bordeaux in the 1950s (as did Max Schubert of Australia's Grange, in addition to Robert Mondavi of, well... you know, in California) and was so inspired by what he saw he was determined to make world-class dry reds from his home, which was famous for its fortified red wines. Vinified in traditional Portuguese fashion (including robotic foot stomping machines ! ), this wine pays homage to its fatherland while simultaneously being inspired by the greatest wines from abroad. We are, it goes with out saying, pretty stoked to pop this for all y'all. 



Join us for rabbit leg confit every Sunday, highlighting a different spring market produce! Sundays in April + May from 3PM-11PM.


Our wine tastings are held at a table or around the bar with sommeliers Caleb Ganzer, Theo Lieberman, Vitalii Dascaliuc, Daniel Bevan, Wissam M'Rabi, & Flo Barth selecting wines that showcase each monthly theme. Tastings typically showcase 5-6 wines alongside light bites and include tax & gratuity.

For private wine tastings, we will create customized menus and wine selections to best fit the occasion.

For more information about hosting a private event or private wine tasting, please email lisa.s [at] expegroup [dot] com and she will send you our current packages.


Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels can host private events for up 70 guests in the wine bar, and semi-private events for up to 20 guests. La Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels is also available for product launches, photo shoots & film shoots. To inquire about a hire, please contact Lisa lisa.s[at]expegroup[dot]com  for more information.




We offer happy hour everyday from opening until 7pm.

$5 off all wines by the glass (except Mystery Wine)

$5 for selected snacks, cheeses & meats

La Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels